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    Welcome to Roy's Rail Page - a website that has developed since 1998 when I first had unrestricted access to the internet. At that time I was creating a simple profile page for myself and I was looking for a photograph to illustrate one of my hobbies when I rediscovered some boxes of photographs and slides which I had amassed during my school days. The profile page was forgotten and a website was born. The photographs had suffered somewhat during storage but with the aid of digital enhancement I have been able to improve them, not that the ones that I had taken myself were photographic masterpieces originally. I have derived a lot of enjoyment over the years creating this site and re-living my memories of the steam era on British Railways which you are welcome to share. The captions are as accurate as I can remember but I welcome any corrections. As more of my generation retire and with the rise (and demise) of Fotopic, more railway images are appearing on the web (and usually of better quality!) as the BBC often says 'other websites are available'. - My connection with railways? - Professionally none. But I have had a life long interest in railways and in particular in steam engines. probably because one of my Great - grandfathers' was a Plate Layer for the Midland Railway, and another Great - grandfather was a Steam Raiser for the Midland Railway, Also both of my Grandfathers were Firemen for the Great Northern Railway - later becoming Drivers for the L.N.E.R. A Great Uncle was a Shunter for the London & North Eastern Railway and an Uncle was a Lamp Man / Relief Gate Man who finally became a Guard for British Railways. I myself have never worked on the Railways but for my 50th birthday I was treated to a Foot-plate Experience course on the Nene Valley Railway this made me appreciate how hard life must have been for railway workers of the past who had to earn a living from this industry.

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